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Rental Property Calculator

A comprehensive yet user-friendly financial model that enables real estate professionals to quickly assess the profitability of a rental property–all on one print-ready sheet.

An automated tool for a competitive advantage

The Rental Property Calculator is a valuable resource for real estate professionals seeking to assess the profitability of a rental property quickly and accurately. The user-friendly interface and thorough financial analysis make it an effective tool for making well-informed investment decisions.

Because standing out in a competitive market is harder than ever

Agents in their career often find that their businesses become stagnant. They are met with the challenge of finding new ways to create value for their clients.

Get ahead by being the agent that can answer questions before they are asked.

Analyze deals in seconds

With the flexibility of inputting various rent and expenses, financing, and market performance assumptions, you can quickly and accurately forecast the profitability of a rental property investment.

Calculate key metrics

Calculate key metrics instantly such as Projected Equity, Mortgage Schedule, Cash on Cash Return, Cap Rate, and Return on Investment as you analyze different investment scenarios at ease.


The model also comes with a comprehensive guide to help even the most novice Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets users navigate the modeling process.

Demonstrate investment knowledge

Articulate the various ways your client will earn a return on their investment. 


Take a wholistic approach to the homebuying process by analyzing how your client’s property will appreciate over time, how cash flow will paydown debt, and how equity will grow as a result.

Institutional quality results

Seamlessly create a print-ready investment summary detailing the risks and rewards of an investment. 


Show how the home value will appreciate over the next 30 years, Mortgage Paydown, Cash on Cash return, and a detailed 5 year projection of Return on Investment (ROI).


Homes are expected to be sold in 2023

Standout and create value for clients by projecting how their investment will perform and providing a holistic approach to the real estate investment process.


The Rental Property Calculator is best suited for real estate professionals – agents and investors alike. However, anyone can utilize the model who has even a basic foundation in real estate.
Yes. We created the model with ease-of-use as a priority. We want this to be accessible to all users regardless of their experience with spreadsheets and financial modeling. We also provide a comprehensive guide outlining exactly how to use the model.
No. To use the model, simply input revenues, expenses, and lending terms and the model will complete all calculations for you.
Yes, the model is a one time purchase then you are free to use it to analyze as many deals as you would like.
Yes, you can submit an inquiry via our Contact Form to discuss how we can meet your business needs.

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