Reina Property Group

The Firm

A cloud-based platform dedicated to providing premier services in residential and commercial real estate.

Re-defining traditional real estate

The Reina Property Group is a cloud-based real estate brokerage and investment consulting firm. Co-Founders LaToya Reina and Christian Reina founded the firm in 2021 with the vision of re-defining traditional real estate with a cloud-based platform. With combined industry experience in luxury residential real estate, investment banking, and real estate private equity, the firm’s founders leverage their professional experience to create a firm dedicated to providing premier real estate services.

Client Centricity

We recognize that a real estate transaction can be a long and arduous process for our clients. As a result, we focus on executing a strategy and fostering a professional environment that prioritizes our clients’ needs.


We strive to provide our clients with the comfort of knowing that their interests are at the center of our business’ philosophy, operations, and ideas.


We not only want to offer the best real estate expertise, but we also want to ensure that everyone at Reina Property Group conducts themselves with the highest regard for their interpersonal conduct. 


Collectively, we strive to maintain a brand that is known for competence, knowledge, and conscientiousness.


We will not do anything to jeopardize the reputation of the firm nor the clients. In every phase of the homebuying process, we will uphold sound business and moral practices. 


Integrity is at the foundation of everything we do.


Our goal is to complete every transaction with the full satisfaction of our clients. We will not make promises we do not intend to keep. 


Credibility is important to us, and we recognize that it is one of our company’s most valuable assets.

Meet our team

Leveraging our professional experience to create a firm dedicated to providing premier real estate services.

LaToya Reina

Licensed Real Estate Broker

LaToya fostered on-going business relationships with both institutional (+$100m AUM) and ultra-high net worth investors (+$30m) to effectively deploy capital into New York City residential real estate.

Christian Reina

Managing Partner

Christian began his professional career in investment banking covering real estate, gaming, lodging, & leisure sectors. He then transitioned to real estate private equity, focusing on distressed-debt backed by New York City commercial real estate.

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